Neugierige Alpakas

ALPAKAmiA Fam. Macherhammer - at the center of Anthering

Our enthusiasm for alpacas and their wool manifested itself a long time ago but with ALPAKAmiA this dream became reality: as of April 2018 we are the proud owners of a small but continually growing herd.

Alpacas originally came from the South American Andes and were domesticated 6.000 years ago by the indigenous  Inca. While llamas were primarily used as pack animals, the alpacas were bred for their wool. An alpaca coat was considered a sign of wealth by the Inca.

Legend has it that the alpaca was given to the Inca by the sun god Inti. And to this day the fine soft wool is known as “fleece of the gods”.

The sweet-tempered animals are not only cherished for their curious, loving nature but also for their valuable, silky soft wool. That is why we have decided to offer a variety of products made with this precious natural fiber in our small ALPAKAmiA shop.

In addition to wool from our on-site alpaca herd we also obtain goods from a family-run farm in Peru. To guarantee the highest quality of those products they are manufactured under strict fair trade regulations and only with untreated fiber such as baby and royal alpaca.

Flauschige Produkte aus Alpaka-Wolle
Alpakamia Shop Fam. Macherhammer

Characteristics of the valuable natural fiber:

  • feels soft and very comfortable against the skin
  • excellent heating properties – popular with rheumatism and pain patients
  • suitable for allergy sufferers due to the low oil content
  • anti-bacterial
  • very dirt- and odor-repellent with a good assimilative capacity

Our range of ALPAKAmiA products includes:

  • socks and insoles
  • hats, gloves and scarves
  • knitting wool
  • women and men’s clothing
  • bedding (made to order)

ALPAKAmiA - opening hours:

Friday from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to noon

Outside business hours by appointment:
+43 664 2315344

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ALPAKAmiA Fam. Macherhammer – at the center of Anthering


The fleece of the gods – a noble present of Nature, now available here in Anthering!