Biohof Seppengut

Veronika and Josef Spitaler took over the small farm from Veronikas parents in 2006, but the “Seppengut” was first mentioned in records in the year 1896. In their work as farmers the trained midwife and the mechatronics engineer found not only an occupation but a calling.

Together with their three sons (Luca, Samuel and Vitus) they passionately raise and nourish the organic geese and turkeys that roam the pastures of their farm.

Happy animals – tasty roasts

By the way, the tasty organic turkeys may be preorder year-round, the organic geese only in November, around St. Martin’s Day. To do so, just visit the website of the organic poultry farm Seppengut and maybe also check out the wonderful life the animals lead on Veronika’s and Josef’s farm. The best reason to enjoy your roast without a guilty conscience!

Care for a “Martinigansl” (roasted goose) or organic turkey?

Biohof Seppengut
Veronika und Josef Spitaler
Berg 12
5102 Anthering