Shopping in Anthering

Shopping in Anthering is a memorable experience! The variety our village has to offer is much larger than it may appear at first glance. That is why we chose to showcase this diversity online – for everyone to see. Get inspired and visit us soon!

Our local business people are looking forward to it!

Die Hochstapler

Die Hochstapler - étagères made from vintage porcelain Rediscovering old china. Creating something new from something old with your own hands. This is the idea behind "Die Hochstapler". And it is definitely a great one! All beginnings are difficult For Diana and Michael Wimmer and Lienbacher the year 2016 starts out with a good idea, lots of trial and error and not [...]

Organic poultry farm Seppengut

Biohof Seppengut Veronika and Josef Spitaler took over the small farm from Veronikas parents in 2006, but the "Seppengut" was first mentioned in records in the year 1896. In their work as farmers the trained midwife and the mechatronics engineer found not only an occupation but a calling. Together with their three sons (Luca, Samuel and Vitus) they passionately raise and nourish [...]

Adelheid and Thomas Leitner

Adelheid and Thomas Leitner Adelheid and Thomas Leitner took over the market stall from Adelheid's parents, Johann und Friedrich Muckenhammer, a few years ago. The two of them run their business with lots of love and passion and always aim to offer the best service to their customers. They are also doing their best to incorporate the rural culture and craft into [...]

Organic vegetables by Klingerbauer

Organic vegetables by Klingerbauer Rosi and Martin Klinger are organic farmers by conviction. They started out with market gardening to supply a buyer who, among other things, sold products on the organic market. But when the demand for organic produce grew they decided to open their own farm shop.   Organic vegetables at their finest Their lovingly furnished farm shop is stocked [...]

Sabine Niedermayr – books from Anthering

Sabine Niedermayr - books from Anthering Writing runs in author Sabine Niedermayer's blood. Even in her youth she started writing stories and poems, furnishing them with detailed and realistic paintings of her own design. Her passion for writing and the creative process are unbroken till this day. Luckily for us, because now there are not only fantastic novels and colorful illustrations but [...]

Der Hausfreund e.U. – repairs, gardening and much more

Der Hausfreund e.U. - repairs, gardening and much more Who wouldn't want a "Hausfreund" (aprox. "friend of the family") who sorts things out, gets stuff done and takes care of troubling tasks? Between job, family and work around the house most people don't know whether they are coming or going, fretting over when to squeeze in necessary repairs, gardening or other chores. [...]

Schneidergütl chicken run

Schneidergütl chicken run Reactivating a small closed down farm was the successful kick-off for Daniela's and Florian's livelong dream to build something of their own. Here, they live and work in harmony with their animals and nature and are perfectly content and happy. That they can make a living from it is almost secondary. Providing mobile housing for their chickens is the [...]

Goisngut chicken run

Goisngut chicken run The "Goisngut" chicken run really is something special! This is obvious to everyone who comes by for a visit. For 30 years the farm has been home to a flock of happy hens and roosters scampering around, laying eggs – well, the chickens do, anyway. But selling eggs was not enough for Claudia and Martin and so they expanded [...]

Pauli’s ceramic workshop

Paulis ceramic workshop In "Paulis Keramikwerkstatt" (Pauli's ceramic workshop) Elisabeth creates beautiful, custom-made ceramics - from vases and bowls to a variety of decorative objects. But why is Elisabeth's workshop called "Pauli's ceramic workshop"? Very simple: the idea to her passion came into being a few years ago in the old flat of her uncle Pauli. Additionally, Elisabeth was called "Pauli" herself [...]

ALPAKAmiA – Fam. Macherhammer

ALPAKAmiA Fam. Macherhammer - at the center of Anthering Our enthusiasm for alpacas and their wool manifested itself a long time ago but with ALPAKAmiA this dream became reality: as of April 2018 we are the proud owners of a small but continually growing herd. Alpacas originally came from the South American Andes and were domesticated 6.000 years ago by the indigenous  [...]